Quick Changes

Looking to reinvigorate your workout routine (or just get back to having one in the first place) or wondering how to make meal prep super simple so you’re not eating frozen chicken nuggs on the reg? 

Either of these mini sessions will help kickstart your wellness journey!

mom holding a plank pose with her daughter sitting on her back and other daughter doing down dog

90 minute exercise session

Exercise doesn’t have to mean spending 45+ minutes in the gym every day. 

It can also be fun and something you look forward to throughout the week. 

This mini session is for you if you want to incorporate (or reincorporate) exercise into your lifestyle. 

family sitting around a dinner table laughing and having a good time

90 minute meal prep session

If meal prep feels super daunting to you, or there’s just not enough time to prep a week’s worth of meals, this mini session is going to make it feel a whole lot easier for you!

No more worrying about what to eat for dinner each night, or struggling to come up with something other than frozen pizza and chicken nuggets. 

Ready To Get Started?

Whether you’re wanting a quick change, starting your foundation or want to build lasting healthy habits, there’s a program for you.

Book a free wellness consult to see which is right for you.