woman standing with her hand on her hip: Life Re-treat podcast

Welcome to the Life Re-Treat Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to helping busy women and mothers learn how to treat themselves with love, compassion and grace. I’ll share tips and tricks on everything from self care, holistic health, wellness, motherhood and more.

This show is your reminder that you’re not alone and through all the seasons of your life, this podcast is here to help encourage, support and champion you.

Recent Episodes

  • 023: Going through a ‘season’? These six tips will help you stay positive throughout
    If you’ve been feeling self-doubt, insecurity, you’re stressed out/burnt out or you’re just feeling overwhelmed by the season of life you’re going through, I have six tips that will truly help you start to turn things around.  This podcast isn’t about just simply pushing through those negative feelings for surface level positivity. Nope.  During this …
  • 022: Why asking for help doesn’t make you less of a woman
    We’re do-ers, perfectionists. We’re the ones who double check the work. If the towels aren’t folded right, then we secretly refold them before they go in the closet. We’re taking care of everyone first, and never asking for help. Maybe because secretly we believe that if we ask for help it says “I can’t do …
  • 021: Guided meditation for growth and expansion
    As women, mothers, wives, we’re typically trying to be it all and do it all. Not just in our home, but also at work. It’s why it’s so easy for us to feel like we have to be superwoman, but that tends to lead to burn out and in turn makes it easier for us …