Ladies’ Night In – Meal Planning


Will you just die if you hear the phrase “what’s for dinner” one👏more👏time👏?

That you can’t even fathom meal prepping because you don’t even know what to prep. So you run to the grocery store on almost a daily basis, or you eat your kids leftover chicken nuggets for the third time this week, or you’re eating a bowl of cereal on the couch at 8 pm because you had no groceries or idea of what to make?

This meal planning 101 sets the foundation to learning how to make meal planning a fun task you do on a weekly basis. We’ll go over tips and tricks for setting up your meal plan and grocery list, learning core ingredients to stock in your fridge and pantry and why you shouldn’t use Pinterest for your meal planning all while removing the overwhelm.

We’ll also cook one meal together during the session that you’ll be able to incorporate into your meal plan for the week.

This is a hosted party. Whether you want to host or you’re attending via a friend, this is a great time to show up in your yoga pants, drink wine, have fun with your girlfriends and create a kick a** meal plan!

Read the description below for more details of what’s included, or add to cart and check out if you’re signing up as a guest of your host.

*This is for women who live within a 25 mile radius of Madison, Wi

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Think of this like a Tupperware party where you don’t feel pressured to purchase anything at the end.

It’s your opportunity to actually have FUN while meal planning! (And yes, it can actually be fun).

Here’s what will go down:

  • Show up (or host) in your yoga pants, mom bun and no make up (or jeans if you’d like to get fancy)
  • We’ll talk through two different meal planning template options (paper formats provided)
  • Then we’ll use cookbooks, family recipes or any other format (except Pinterest…I’ll explain why) to find recipes that are 30 minutes or less that your family will love
  • We’ll create your meal plan for that coming week, along with a grocery list
  • We’ll also talk through all the tips and tricks to simplify meal planning to make it a whole lot less overwhelming
  • Then we’ll cook a meal together that you can incorporate into your meal plan for the week take home that night
  • All while having fun with your girlfriends you don’t get to see often enough

What’s included:

  • Two meal planning templates
  • Resource 1-pager detailing everything we chat through during the session to reference again
  • Groceries supplied for one meal (four servings) + a bottle of wine
  • Access to a private Facebook group where we can continue to share meal plans, recipes and continued tips

Additional details:

  • This event is up to four guests total (host + three friends)
  • If you’re hosting (i.e. bringing guests to your home), please choose this at checkout
    • You can also use HAPPYHOST to receive 10% off
    • You will receive an email to provide three potential dates to schedule your event
    • I will plan to show up at your home 30 minutes prior to the event start with your friends to set up food and do any minimal prep
  • This sign up is per individual
    • Post purchase: You will receive a link post to a form to indicate any food allergies or any “absolutely will not eat” foods
    • If you’re attending as a guest, please also indicate in the form who your host is

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