Six Weeks to Wellness

Are you ready to lay the foundation for rediscovering the balance, energy, motivation and stress relief that’s been missing in your life? 

This program creates the positive path that brings you…back to you!

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I know you’re stressed, tired and busy. You’re trying not to feel like a #HotMessMama on a daily basis, but life is feeling more chaotic and unorganized than you’d like to admit. 

Your laundry’s been sitting in the dryer for a week, waiting to be folded.

You’re making frozen chicken nuggets for your kids for the third time this week. 

You can’t remember the last time you made it to the gym, and taking time for yourself to read or get a pedicure is laughable because who’s got time for that? 

But what if that all changed?

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Here's what I Know to be True...

Holistic Wellness Program Details

What's included

'Home Edit' your pantry & fridge

Together we'll organize and reduce the clutter in your fridge and pantry to create a functional space that makes you excited to cook.

a couple prepping a meal together

Become a meal prep maven

While cooking together, I'll teach you the tips and tricks necessary to make meal prep less daunting and easy to execute on a weekly basis.

a woman in workout clothing standing next to a yoga mat, water bottle and hand weights

Movement made for you

Always wanted to try running, yoga or Zumba? During our session together, we'll do a workout of your choice and create a plan on how to incorporate it back into your life.

Connect back to yourself

Find peace within through meditation, journaling and other self-care practices. We'll meditate together to help you connect back to you and becoming your best self.

Bonuses Included in the Program!

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Human Design Blueprint

Receive a personalized assessment that will help you implement holistic wellness routines in the way that comes most naturally to you and how to best support your energy and digestive health based on your innate behaviors and personality.

clear plastic containers full of baking items

Getting the goods

Leave the pantry and fridge organization products to me. I'll come to our session armed with all the baskets, bins and boxes we'll need to get your kitchen space into shape.

woman squatting in her home to an at home workout on her laptop

Curated workout and meditation playlists

Learning to incorporate (or reincorporate) exercise and meditation into your life can be hard when there's thousands of videos to search. I've done the heavy lifting for you and will provide you with curated workout and meditation playlists to fit your everyday life.

hand holding down the page of a cookbook

300+ meal ideas

No more boring meals or repeating the same meals every single week. With 300+ recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you're sure to find a fun and easy to follow recipe the whole family will love!

This is the path back to you

A truly personalized coaching experience designed to create a positive path that brings you...back to you

Real women, real results

Holistic wellness goes far beyond just your nutrition and fitness. It’s about the whole of you and providing you with the tools you need to lay the foundation to feel in control, empowered, balanced and whole.

This was the investment I needed to make in myself

Danielle had a way of creating a truly personalized experience that gave me the tips I could put into action in an authentic way. I had tried every program under the sun and this 6 week holistic wellness program focused on what I needed vs. putting me in a box of predetermined meals, measuring everything you eat, workout schedules and cookie cutter expectations. 

If you are looking for a program that gives you the tools to bring to life in your own terms, Danielle’s support will be life changing. She is thoughtful, caring and truly wants nothing but success for you. She was a cheerleader, mirror and coach all in one amazing person. I am so thankful I took this step and chance to start healing my habits and relationship to caring for my body and health. 

As a busy mom, working woman and business owner, I can wholeheartedly say this was the investment I needed to make in myself, and I’m so glad I did.

– Brianna R.


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I feel like I'm in control of my life again!

My life felt much more chaotic and unorganized than I would have preferred when I first signed up for this six week holistic wellness program. I decided to give it a shot, and did NOT regret it. 

I’ve gained so much personal growth along the way, including making meal prep super simple and helped me see it in a new way I had never thought of before. Overall, small changes can make a huge impact. 

I was previously overwhelmed with my life and routine, and almost didn’t know how to pull out of it. With hands-on meetings at my house, executing things like fridge/pantry organization, meal prep/planning, and carving out a small slot of time for mindfulness practices, I started chipping away piece by piece at the things I could control, and it helped me realize these are actually forms of self-love!

Working with Danielle feels like it’s friends sharing ideas with each other. I highly recommend this program for everyone – surely Danielle will help you find and enable continuously effective efficiencies so you can feel more put together or spend time doing what you love most!

– Becca S.

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Let me take a moment to introduce myself...

I'm Danielle, your holistic wellness coach!

I’ve been on my own holistic wellness journey for 5+ years. It all started with no longer wanting to spend the rest of my days tracking points through Weight Watchers and being obsessed with food. 

I found that through self-care, learning to set and stick to my own boundaries, being open with others about my needs and learning how to put myself first (in an unselfish way) made all the difference in finding balance, energy, motivation and stress-relief in my day-to-day life. 

I’m a mama to two little kiddos. I love to exercise (my self-care time), meditate, listen to audio books, go boating with my family, and eat homemade ice cream. 

I have a serious passion for helping women see that they’re more than “just a mom”. That I only want the best for you, and will be your biggest hype girl and cheerleader while on this holistic health journey. 



This isn’t just an investment in yourself. 

This is an investment in your family, your work-life balance, your overall health and wellbeing. 

Pay in Full

$1,300 (save over 15%)

Payment Plan

2x payments of $750

So are you ready?

If you’re ready to build the foundation and rediscover the balance, energy, motivation and stress relief that’s been missing in your life, let’s get started! 

Frequently Asked Questions

For now, yes. After being virtual for so long, it’s nice to connect in a 1:1 space being in person. If you’re interested in a virtual option, please contact me here. 

I’m located in the Madison, Wi area. I will travel to your home if you live within a 20 mile radius. 

This includes:  Belleville, Cottage Grove, Dane, Deerfield, Deforest,  Cambridge, Edgerton, Evansville, Fitchburg, Jonson Creek, Lodi, Madison, Paoli, Sun Prairie, Verona, Waterloo, Waunakee, Windsor

Yes! But don’t worry, you don’t have to clean up for me, or find a babysitter, or even put on makeup. Doing this program in-home helps you to see how to implement the topics we cover in your own space.

Each week’s session will be roughly 90 minutes. The work we do together will allow you to simplify your time moving forward, and will never be wasted time. There’s no additional ‘homework’ outside of each of our meetings.

Each 90 minute session will have a primary focus:

  1. Session 1 – get to know you and your goals
  2. Session 2 – pantry and fridge organization
  3. Session 3 – meal prep
  4. Session 4 – exercise
  5. Session 5 – meditation and mindfulness practices
  6. Session 6 – wrap up and celebrate how far you’ve come!

Honestly, you’ll get what you put in! If you’re ready to have a coach who cares about you and your holistic health, you can expect to rediscover the balance, energy, motivation and stress relief that’s been missing in your life and create a create a positive path that brings you…back to you!

I want to start off by saying that this isn’t an investment in just you and your holistic health. It’s an investment in your family, work life and social life. 

Each area we cover throughout this program will be instrumental in helping you create balance in all areas of your life to feel more empowered, centered and free. 

Pay in full: $1,300 (save over 15%)

Payment plan: 2x payments of $750


The payment plan is 2x payments of $750 to be paid at the beginning and end of the program. 

No, it is not. 

If you’re looking for a weight loss program that gives you set workouts and meal plans to follow, this is not the program for you. 

If you’re looking for something that focuses on your holistic health and helps reinvigorate you to help you begin to create lasting healthy habits in your life, then this will be the program for you!

If you’re ready to feel empowered and take back the control in your life with tools to begin creating healthy habits that fit into your schedule and lifestyle through meal prep, exercise and meditation, then this will be the program to get you there. But if you’re still feeling uncertain, book a complimentary wellness consult with me to dive deeper.